An imposter will never accomplish a perfect life.,

An imposter will never accomplish a perfect life
An imposter will never accomplish a perfect life


An imposter will never accomplish a perfect life.,


Apparently it’s so easy in life to occur ourselves better than we are and so to win the trust of others for cheat them with malice councils.
This seems to be the new trend of the existence on earth, since it is becoming more common in our society.
What evil thoughts must a person have to betray someone’s trust and friendship in order to go ahead himself.
The trust which is awarded to them is something they do not deserve full or are worth it.
They only earn a in-respectable imprisonment what rather is a shame.
With a guilty conscience will make them cowards who want convey even the innocence of their to others with fabricated lies and deceit.
Such people are constantly on the defence to prove their innocence to familiarise come across to others, but inwardly are cheaters.
Themselves are not able to care for their own and need in an unauthorized manner the finances or knowledge of others use to survive supposedly.
Uncouth acts should carry them to survive in this society and therefore harm others and hurt them with unauthorised grief.
But fortunately the world is only small and will such acts come on the tongue by others and will over time everyone find the truth itself.
Never will the impostor ultimately successful be in top positions or public office they not will allowing to be able succeed in life.
An impostor has an inferior existed and will always have to live with the guilt.
By abusing people and friends who trusted them.
They dishonor as parasites the value of life without pity for their victims who are left with unpleasant inner heartache.


All the best for You with a Good Health


author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb




Jan Jansen is a believer for the Power of Stories to change persons Lives. Jan always use Social Media to connect with interesting peoples around the world, He added Photography and Poems as his arsenal for Sharing and Connecting in the digital World. He writes about his thought and in the forms of Poems or a story in and Social Media at You can find him on Google+ and Twitter. With Thanks to our Team Leader from Easy Branches

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