Eyes are Useless if our Heart is into Blindness,

Eyes are Useless if our Heart is into Blindness
Eyes are Useless if our Heart is into Blindness

Eyes are Useless if our Heart is into Blindness,

It is so nice to be in love with a person who no longer disappear from our thoughts and by eye contact together, whereby our blood flow more quickly in our veins and our heart muscle will get overwork.
That personage is the one whom we fully devoted our heart with feelings and we completely accept it through the consciousness perspective.
It is very emotional when this person in our eye sight is to bring awareness of our essence and desires.
Our eyes only see what they want to observe and perceive so the inner emotions of love can determine the sentiment.
When we are together its possible to close our eyes and personal body parts take it over, because two different characters will speak the same words that we do not need to hear, but can feel it.
Blinded by love, there is nothing more important than we are together, it is an cravings which will then expressing of our desires and emotions.
Body Parts that speak all languages and we can wish for no better feeling than at that time, because luck is with us now, normally it is only will appear in our dreams.
We don’t would to let it go and maintain this hypostasis in our body forever, but everyone knows life is more than just that.
Full of butterflies in our stomach of love indicate that we have surrendered ourselves emotionally to this individual with our feelings.
Basically everything else within the reach from our eyes have become useless and unusable, this is due to the blindness of our love for that person.
Because our preferred sight from the heart is only for the one individual that we can close our eyes for them, because of love.


All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb www.janjansen.guru



Jan Jansen is a believer for the Power of Stories to change persons Lives. Jan always use Social Media to connect with interesting peoples around the world, He added Photography and Poems as his arsenal for Sharing and Connecting in the digital World. He writes about his thought and in the forms of Poems or a story in www.janjansen.guru and Social Media at EasyBranches.net You can find him on Google+ and Twitter. With Thanks to our Team Leader from Easy Branches

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